What we mean when the island has a venue for everyone: Part 1

This Little Island i call home truly has a venue for everyone, whatever your vibe is there is something for you.

Ventnor Botanic Garden, home to subtropical trees and shrubs organised by region.
Most favoured area to wed is in the New Zealand garden as it has the delightful summer house that is licensed. I myself married at Ventnor so it has a place in my heart. It truly is a beautiful location.


Osbourne House; Famous for being the summer home of Queen Victoria. You’d be hard pressed to find a more regal venue, Marrying at this grand venue you’ll have the option of choosing from three different but all glorious rooms to the wonderful areas outside such as the walled garden, the Belveder terrace and the lower terrace or even “the queens alcove” situated on the beach.

*East Cowes

The Wedding Barn; is an open sided barn with an adjoining stone barn within a working farm, providing an idyllic rural setting for weddings and parties.

*this one is somewhat new on my radar but the images i’ve seen of the place are really really lovely.


Haseley Manor;  is a 14th-century, Grade 2* listed property, a beautiful manor house with use of the barn for ceremony and feasting. beautiful grounds to get those perfect couples shots.

This venue only takes for bookings a year, currently they are booked up for 2022.

Images Credits:
Holly Cade Photography – Haseley Manor and Osborne weddings
Jess lyon Photography – The Wedding Barn wedding
Albartross and Mariner photography – Ventnor Botantical wedding

Covid wedding announcement

Good morning lovely people, I hope I find you well.

Well I’m sure you must have seen the new guidelines surrounding weddings during this “on pause” new reality.

Good news, from the 4th of July weddings can go ahead, bad news – possibly for some, they have to be small.

Here are they key elements drawn up by GOV.uk

1.17 Can weddings go ahead?

Yes, from 4 July, weddings and civil partnerships will be allowed to take place. You should only invite close friends and family, up to a maximum of 30 people. The wedding exception is for wedding ceremonies only. Large wedding receptions or parties should of course not be taking place. Wedding celebrations can only happen when people follow the guidance of six people outdoors, support bubbles, or two households indoors or outdoors. It is critical for these guidelines to be observed to keep you and your family and friends as safe as possible.

The Do’s
Ceremonies should be kept as short as possible.
No more than 30 people to attend – this 30 includes the officiant, photographer etc.
Follow the 2 metre rule.

The Don’ts
No Singing
No food or drink consumed as part of the ceremony

Its goes on to say that “small celebrations should only take place if they follow social distancing guidelines, such as groups of up to two households indoors, or up to six people from different households outdoors”

I know this still isn’t how you would have imagined your big day. But we’re getting there slowly but surly. And if you’re looking for inspiration have a nose at my mood board.


Hello, long time no speak!

I hope I find you all well. I’ve been thinking about when and what I should post.
I’ve not shared anything on here since the early part of 2018. Wedded bliss and extending my little family have kept me from blogging, I have been lurking on my social media platforms though, so I’ve been keeping an eye on all things wedding as they’re still my favourite things.

And really I just wanted to say, i’m thinking of all those couples who have had to push back their weddings.

If wedding planning wasn’t stressful enough, throw in a world wide pandemic and well that’s another level of stress. I hope you’ve been able to find some calm during this storm.
I can’t help but feel that when you can finally have the celebration you’ve been eagerly waiting for its going to be one epic party!! and i for one can’t wait to see the photos!

Hang in there lovely couples, you will have the wedding you dreamt of, I promise.

Take care! see you on the other side.

Sharon x

Happy New Year!!!

Flower trends 2015
Good morning and welcome to any newly engaged ladies/gents.
I’m kicking of the blog posts with some pretty flowers! I’ve been reading around some fab blogs and I’ve picked out some of the more popular flower choices for this year. I hope you like.

Bold and beautiful: Florists have noted a popular increase of bigger petal flowers being used in arrangements, flowers such as orchids, hydrangeas and large Peonies – these coming along for a second year for popular choice.


Hanging Flowers: Just a lovely addition to aisle and receptions.

Floral Headbands: Perhaps brought on a bit more with being seen at festivals, but it also brings back warm happy memories of my childhood, sitting in the school fields creating daisy headwear. Its pretty and whimsical.
Wild Flowers: This trend seems to be getting bigger and bigger, I think it’s lovely and with each month that passes different flowers bloom and different styles to create.
Pastels: again another theme that seems to be running into another year are pastels, and they work in any month, I for one wouldn’t have opted for these tones in the colder months but my thoughts have changed after seeing some lovely bouquets and they work perfectly.


Wishing you all the happiness for 2015, may it be filled with sparkle, laughter and romance.


Country dreaming

Good afternoon readers!

The sun is still shining and still wonderful, but there does seem to be a beautiful hazy golden glow that tends to roll in late in the afternoons, its comforting and cozy, not yet am i yet wanting to retreat indoors with a warm mug of something nice, rather I’d happily take a book and find a good field in which to relax and dream.

So todays board, is a touch of the whimsy and the beauty of a changing season in the country side.

On the edge of Autumn

So quickly the seasons come and go, but this summer has been wonderful, lots of sunny days, beach wonderings and ice creams and bbq’s a plenty. But I’m about ready for Autumn and all that it brings, the gold’s the reds crispy mornings and cosy snuggly nights, but before it infolds us fully, as always i’m enjoying the Summers last hoorah where it really kicks up its heels and shows off, The colours aren’t as bright but they turn into real warm and deep tones. So todays board is of course inspired by that very event.

Berry Delight.

autumnThe board is a touch of the whimsy, enchantment and ever so slightly “midsummers nights dream” I’ve gone for the rich berry tones which i love as they come in so many different shades. from the tone of the early buddy berrys to the shade they turn when perfect for picking.

I love the invite style, You and your Mr in a cartoon is a perfect touch of playfulness while yes te big day is all rather grown up there nothing wrong with having something a bit cute.

I’ve really loved the increase of the “naked” wedding cake, its perfect for any time of year, and you can juts laden it with any in season fruit, while this one has strawberries. blackberries and raspberries would make for the perfect fruit for this months wedding.

At this time of year the sky seems to be more golden, so when i saw this dress i had to use it. and with your bridemaids in that beautiful shade you’d look stunning in those wedding pictures, and to bring you all together i’ve opted for a shoe that almost matches the bridesmaids. And the flowers, swap those soft pinks for deep berry reds and plums!!

Happy September!!

*images from Pinterest.
*Dress: Isadora Gown by www.rachelgilbert.com

Something i’d love to see….

Sometimes while browsing the wonderful world of weddings i notice there are a few things that i really wish we available on the island.

I really love the growth of food trucks at weddings, I’ve seen many– hot dogs, pizza, fish and chips, chilli the list goes on, while yes this might not be for everyone, I think for those like myself there are a good number who would opt for it, I marvel at the brightly coloured trucks to the more vintage ones.. Vintage Scoops probably being the first real wedding working vendor that i came across, and I have been promoting the islands ice cream trucks ever since, you might have noticed more recently during the heat wave a few weeks ago!

377867_467538859945458_511072956_n*Image Vintage Scoops
Again for many the seating plan and the lovely set menu is a big big thing and that’s totally cool, but again many like myself love the idea of something a bit different. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but if government do give the green light to outside weddings, food truck funkiness will be the easiest option, I’m thinking of it now… In a green field, a huge yurt/marquee set up with twinkly lights, a beautiful local band is playing acoustically and people are munching on fresh stone baked pizza and sipping on cool ciders! Maybe I’m being a bit too romantic in my thinking, but I know this would be perfect for so many!!!

Anyway heres my favourites from the wonderful world of pinterest!



Psstt… I know of one food truck who does do weddings!! WildWood Pizza! You can find them parked up over yarmouth way! should you want to have a try, check out their facebook page to see excatly where they’ll be.