#bridalmusings YES to the dress

Good morning, I hope you all had fab weekend!…. i know i did,
I’ve said yes to the dress!!! 50 weeks till W.day and I’ve got the dress!! I actually thought this would have been a quicker process, having the group and page for isle of wight brides I’ve seen many many dresses and I thought that when it was my turn I’d bag a dress and be on my merry way. Well 3 wedding shops and multiple dresses later I was starting to think I’d never find one, that all changed this past week, Gems Bridal posted a few new sale dresses – I’ve said from the get go I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a dress, so when one of them caught my eye Wednesday I got in contact straight away made an appointment for Saturday and waited till I could go and try it on. We showed up and the girls were lovely they brought out the dress I had seen but also encouraged me to pick a few others as well, I’m glad I did as it cemented that the one I had seen was the dress, as it slipped over and fitted into place I had that “yes, this is it” moment, the other dresses were truly stunning but I had found mine, I keep looking back at my little snap shot and I still can’t quite believe that I will be saying I do in under a year!


We also went and had a nose around our venue, it was wet windy and very grey! but also quite romantic at the same time. The gardens were very quiet, who wants to wander around in cold and wet…. well we did, I fall in love with this place a little more everytime we visit. Although the weather merisble the plants and flowers were beautiful. We took a few snaps and like my dress i keep looking and that flutter of excitment rises everytime, i’m like a child waiting for father christmas. i’m loving it!14324358_10157458725190338_2953551779137094783_o



#bridalmusings: Hello September

Hello September!!!! a2f1c653a40c8b8fbfe0c2e521eb897f-tile-horzThe month of the changing of the seasons, it’s one of my most favourite times of year, there’s still that summer warmth but the evenings draw in ever closer and you start pulling out those comfy blankets to take the chill away. For me going into September means the year countdown till our big day, I’ve sorted quite a bit but still a lot more to do….. Heres just a snippet of my to do list

  • Find “THE” dress
  • sort the suits
  • Get our rings
  • Decorations
  • finalise the invitations


Autumn/winter starts giving way to what trends will be making their way into the new year and it’s also when the wedding fayres start up again, Myself and the Mr will be going to along to a few more of these as things get closer.

Also on our to do list is to pop over the our venue, it means we can see what the light is like, what is in bloom – getting married at the botanical gardens means seasonal beauties and we don’t want to miss out on any fab images, October will see us giving notice which again makes everything feel more real, I plan to go and have a test run with our florist, it’s a perfect chance gage what will be in season and what you’ll be able to have.

When we got engaged and we told friends and family that we were to be wed in 2017 we got a lot of “but that’s ages away” it’s really not, it has come around so quickly I’ll just have to remind myself of what past brides have said and shared about their big days – don’t stress, keep calm and enjoy”

These next few months I think the blog will become abit more active as it’ll see me go into full on planning mode. I can’t wait to share little titbits with you, it’s going to be one hell of a year!!!

Sharon xXx

Wedding Panning: Wedding Stationery

This is the latest area of planning I’m going through. I’m not in any way a DIY’er but this past weekend I’ve been firing off ideas to a friend to see if she can help me create! we’ll be adding a few more details to make them just so, and  I’ll be sure to share what we come up with, once they’ve all been sent out of course! But it’s more fun than I first thought it would be.

What do you need to think about when looking at invites and all the other bits that go with it? I’ve always said and thought, that an invite is the first little wedding something that guests get to see, most recently we got an invite which was fab, it had wellies, and bunting and set the tone that perhaps we should bring a tent to get into full festival mode it was great. So go for it, add those real personal touches and make them yours.

So here’s little list to get you started!

Save the Date
Just a little card to let people know the date of your wedding, I like them as it gives plenty of notice when it comes to booking time off work or if other arrangements need to be made, especially if you’ve got to travel further afield to get to the celebration.

The Wedding Invitation
Has a host line – Together with their families. A nice turn of phrase to include immediate family from both sides.
Your names
Action line – Invite to share in celebrating their wedding
Information line – Date, time and venue
Party line – Dinner and dancing to follow or reception to continue from “specified time”
Sam Lucy InvitationEvening Reception invitation
Your names
Action line – Request the pleasure of your company at their wedding reception
Information– Date, time, venue
Party line – Food drink and dancing

*Tip! Remember,You only need to send an invite per house hold!!

The little response card to let the couple know If you can delightfully attend or regretfully can’t make it, it will also have space for dietary requirements, as well has having a “reply by date” It may not seem like you should rush this, but it’s a huge help for the couple to sort out final numbers, table planning and just makes life so much easier so don’t dilly dally! Now there’s normally an email to reply to or even a text response will be fine.Sam and Lucy RSVP

Details card
A card to inform guests how to get to your venue, possibly letting them know of good accommodations to stay in and what the couple are asking for gifts wise.

*Tip: Other stationary – Menus, thank you cards, placement cards and seating plan.

Order of The Day
This will have information for all to see and will detail the order of events of the day on the day, and will for example have the time of the wedding, when photos will be happening, food, speeches, cake cutting and so on, this can either be hand held or big enough to pop on an easel, which will be placed near the entrance of where guests arrive.

Lucy and Sam Order of Service
We’ve some fab talents on our Isle who can help you create the perfect invite for your wedding. And i’m pleased to be able to have shared “Katy Rose Designs” images for todays post, please go check out her stuff! , You’ll find her working alongside The Events.co  who offer a whole host of wedding accessories to help make your day something extra special.


Til next time





#Bridalmusings – A real bride’s advice.

So when all is said and done what would your advice be to those brides in the middle of planning? So many worries go through my head that I take huge comfort from reading the newly wedded brides tips and advice. And I’m more than happy to share this with you….


Advice from Joey

So we got married Thursday and it was the best day of my life!
Absolutely amazing! Can’t fault a single thing – the weather was lush, we got married outside and the whole day was simply perfect.  But if I learned anything from being a bride that I can pass on to any brides to be, it would be this….

1.forget the fancy undies, wear comfortable undercrackers, no matter how grannyish they are you can always change into your sexy lingerie later! Take it from someone who spent £20 on a pair of bridal undies that spent the entire day with a permanent wedgie- wedgies in a bridal gown is a logistical nightmare! (and I’ve suffered for it since – ouch!)

2. Just let any issues go, anything that goes wrong, shrug it off and get yourself a drink and your dancing feet ready!

3. Be an idiot and have fun with your bridesmaids- the photos will be brilliant and the memories even better. Don’t be head struck on being glamorous and classy all day… give yourself some time the relax and be you and have lots of laughs!

4. Money – Don’t cancel anything before the big day based on money if you can help it, we nearly did and would have regretted it. You will find the money somehow and it’ll be worth every penny.

5. Don’t be frightened of having children as guests at your wedding, just have plenty of things to keep them occupied instead. We had over 20 kids at ours and so we made up a play area with toys, tents and lots of games, we had a magician who not only did tricks for the adults but put a show on for them too and even the adults loved it. The kids added to the fun of it all and at no point were they a nightmare.

Good luck ladies and gents! Enjoy!!
13978296_1592328634393495_1977523698_oThe lovely Mr and Mrs Groves!
If you’d like to join in on the advice, then please drop me a message via IOWBrides Fb page


*magician Huxley Magic


Bridal Musings: How we chose our photographer

Bridal musings: How we chose our photographer.

Picking a photographer can be super easy or a little like keeping your head afloat. The Island has some fab talent and it can be a little daunting on who to choose. So here is how I broke down that conundrum.

Off the bat I said to Lee photography is up there on the wants list, so we agreed on how much we were willing to spend. Photography to me is super important and I wanted the right person to do the job, there are so many styles out there there’s edgy and raw, There’s candid and subtle, there’s formal and classic the list really does go on and those I’ve mentioned also tend to be a mixture also, I think we fall into the subtle and somewhat classic, we want images where the poses aren’t to forced I’m not the biggest fan of everyone standing in a line but that’s my personal preference so take my likes as just that “my likes” I love the photos where the only way it was captured was if the photographer was right next you, but you’re so in the moment and they just know how to sneak in and out again without being seen, I call these ninja photographers!

So how did we decide? Well we drew up a list and spent hours looking over their works and sent email’s off asking for quotes (photographers tend to get booked quickly so get asking as soon as you can) and we then spent more hours looking over their Facebook pages, their websites and other areas of their social media, we looked over their reviews, these can set your mind at rest seeing what past couples have said – do your homework.

We wanted a photographer who would make us all feel comfortable, but not in your face. It started to get clearer in what we wanted as we kept going back to the persons work and the fog started to lift and we became more confident with who we were going to go for. Once we got the quotations naturally some were removed and that’s totally fine, if they don’t fall into your budget that’s a ok that’s just how things go, doesn’t mean any less of the photographer you do go for – yes you can barter with a photographer and many can work to what you have in mind, but don’t feel bad about saying no and continuing the search, its about being truly comfortable and sticking with what you want to pay.

So we were down to three…. And all prices were on par with one another but we just kept coming back to one, and you know what? they shared this image and I said to Lee that’s it, that’s out photographer, the image was simple it was classic and it was subtle everything that we wanted.

He’s all booked in and deposit is paid! We’ll be meeting up soon to do our pre wedding shoot which should be fun! These shoots can help with breaking the ice. I talk more once we’ve done our and hopefully I’ll have that post for another day! Our photographer is the very talented Oscar May: the Occasion We can not wait!

So my top 5 tips

1. Decide on a budget.

2. Draw up a list of possible photographers and who you thinks style works for you.

3. Get in contact ASAP – I can’t stress enough that its never to soon to get asking and booking. Find out if their costings work for you or not and if they are available for your chosen date.

4. Do your homework – chat with past brides, ask for full images not just the ones that made it online, others costs – travel, look over if food needs to be provided etc.

5.Experience is very helpful, someone who has a few weddings under their belt can help make the day run extra smoothly, but I will say this -don’t overlook the new photographers who are wanting to get there footing in the wedding industry just do your homework. there are some bargains to be had!

Till next time!



A Chat with Dornellie

On Saturday i hopped on a bus and made my way over to have a good old catch up with Karen Robb Of Dornellie – The Bridal Studio, recently she has set about offering a consultation service, and I got a taster of what you can expect. Now its not something you’d really think about having, there’s not much to trying on dresses – you just try them on right? … well not so much, not in my case anyway as a bride to be myself i have to say its not as simple as I thought, granted for those you who know what they want and they can pick and carry on, that’s great! for me I’ve had my struggles – body image being one of them, thinking I know what suits me hasn’t come as easy as i thought it would.

so making my way into the Aladdin’s cave that is the studio where beautiful dresses hang, detailed veils and head pieces for all style and the room where all of the magic happens! Karen told me how she’d like to use her experience to help brides.

Her passion is clear to see, she wants no bride to be disappointed in her dress,  she wants to help as much as she can, and with the rise of cheap dresses sometimes you end up paying more to get it sorted, just recently I went to one discounted wedding branch and although I’m no dress maker I could tell they lacked quality something I don’t think you should ever scrimp on.

***Wedding Dress Advice Consultations***

As a result of the numerous messages and responses to my advice on wedding dress shopping I will be launching new consultation appointments in July for a bride plus her one trusted friend/family member to come along and receive an hour and a half of advice, tips and a personal guide to buying the perfect wedding dress.

I will cover all the things to avoid or embrace in any bridal boutique and give you a personal template of the style of dress best suited to you.

I will also give suggestions on the best accessories and point you in the right direction for any other wedding day service you are looking for.

Appointments will be limited and first come first served.
I will cover all the things to avoid or embrace in any bridal boutique and give you a personal template of the style of dress best suited to you.

£30 to ensure you have the tools to make the perfect decision, enjoy your wedding dress shopping and hopefully not have any nightmare ‘wobbles’ about your dress.

Any sales made will receive a discount of the £30 and I will be putting together a goody bag too with information and maybe a few surprises!!

Please let me know if this is of interest and make your booking for July.

Good luck to all brides shopping for that dream gown but please know I am here to help.

Karen xx”

And you know, it is worth it, I left there with more hope that I will the find dress for me. It’s overwhelming, but it need not to be. If you can I’d highly suggest you go for a chat!

Till next time

*Image Kat Forsyth

Bridal fashion for Fall 2016 /Spring 2017

Some absolutely fabulous dresses seen on the catwalk for fall 2016 and spring 2017!
Florals were seen pretty much across the board with designers, shimmer and sparkle as always, a mixture of soft and dramatic cuts for the dresses. Separates looking set to be staying which is great. Using colour too seems to be a firm favourite Carolina, charlotte and Nikola all have dress with with blush tones. My favourite has to be the star gown by Jenny Packham!

I know wonder how these gowns will trickle down into out local bridal stores. very excitingas a bride to be!!

Hope you enjoy just a few of my firm favourites

Oscar De La Renta


Charlotte Balbie

Jenny Peckham

Jenny peckham

Carolina Herrera

Nikola Faetanni


15 Questions to ask when venue viewing …

I’ve totally skipped over making this post, It is one I should have posted about sooner, for me picking my venue was pretty simple and it was the only venue we actually visited, having had the site and group i have a little more info than your average bride to be, so for the entirely new to the world of planning and not sure of what to ask, here’s some questions to ask at your venue viewing, Venue hunting can be a bag full of mixed emotions, Will it work, will it be what we want, will it hold all the family,friends and aunt Marys singing group… weddings everyone wants to be there!

So thanks to the little Isle Of Wight Brides fb group i hope this helps.


Sharon Loves

The sun is shinning its warm and well its just lovely, Hopefully it stays for those weddings at the weekend.

I’m back with my “loves”

pageAsos have been doing such a great job with their bridal stuff! and I’m just loving the “Confetti Queen” P’j’s £20… having something nice to get ready in is big business and i think these would be very photogenic!

Next up, The “Original” milestone cards £16.50 at Not on the highstreet, you may have seen them for babies – first step, tooth etc. but these are for the wedding! A fab little novelty gift for the newly engaged bride to be.

OPI have just bought out their “Alice Through The Looking Glass” (Out in cinemas May 27th) collection and i realy love the gold shimmery one “A Mirror Escape” £12.50

And last but by no means least this fabulous Rock’n’roll brides for Crown and Gloryheart with bird cage veil” £40

Happy Friday lovelies!

Sharon Loves

Happy Friday and happy April lovelies! So here’s my finds for the week!

First up I found this ever so lovely floral print wrap dress, this was on the “Guest” section of the bridal collection on ASOS (£55) Perfect for those Spring garden weddings!

Big big fan of the words being used for cake toppers the sparkler the better! Sophia Victoria Joy Ltd (£23)


I’m a little in love with this book “fortune telling for brides” it would make a lovely engagement gift. full of little snippet of meanings on flowers, dates and all sorts of wedding related things! BeGolden.co.uk (£12)

And Finally! A little something for the skin, Liz Earle always brings out a fab limited edition cleanser and i know how popular they are, well the latest is “Rose & Cedrat” they describe it as “romantic, bright, energising and fresh” perfect!! (£20.75)