Something i’d love to see….

Sometimes while browsing the wonderful world of weddings i notice there are a few things that i really wish we available on the island.

I really love the growth of food trucks at weddings, I’ve seen many– hot dogs, pizza, fish and chips, chilli the list goes on, while yes this might not be for everyone, I think for those like myself there are a good number who would opt for it, I marvel at the brightly coloured trucks to the more vintage ones.. Vintage Scoops probably being the first real wedding working vendor that i came across, and I have been promoting the islands ice cream trucks ever since, you might have noticed more recently during the heat wave a few weeks ago!

377867_467538859945458_511072956_n*Image Vintage Scoops
Again for many the seating plan and the lovely set menu is a big big thing and that’s totally cool, but again many like myself love the idea of something a bit different. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but if government do give the green light to outside weddings, food truck funkiness will be the easiest option, I’m thinking of it now… In a green field, a huge yurt/marquee set up with twinkly lights, a beautiful local band is playing acoustically and people are munching on fresh stone baked pizza and sipping on cool ciders! Maybe I’m being a bit too romantic in my thinking, but I know this would be perfect for so many!!!

Anyway heres my favourites from the wonderful world of pinterest!



Psstt… I know of one food truck who does do weddings!! WildWood Pizza! You can find them parked up over yarmouth way! should you want to have a try, check out their facebook page to see excatly where they’ll be.


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