Happy New Year!!!

Flower trends 2015
Good morning and welcome to any newly engaged ladies/gents.
I’m kicking of the blog posts with some pretty flowers! I’ve been reading around some fab blogs and I’ve picked out some of the more popular flower choices for this year. I hope you like.

Bold and beautiful: Florists have noted a popular increase of bigger petal flowers being used in arrangements, flowers such as orchids, hydrangeas and large Peonies – these coming along for a second year for popular choice.


Hanging Flowers: Just a lovely addition to aisle and receptions.

Floral Headbands: Perhaps brought on a bit more with being seen at festivals, but it also brings back warm happy memories of my childhood, sitting in the school fields creating daisy headwear. Its pretty and whimsical.
Wild Flowers: This trend seems to be getting bigger and bigger, I think it’s lovely and with each month that passes different flowers bloom and different styles to create.
Pastels: again another theme that seems to be running into another year are pastels, and they work in any month, I for one wouldn’t have opted for these tones in the colder months but my thoughts have changed after seeing some lovely bouquets and they work perfectly.


Wishing you all the happiness for 2015, may it be filled with sparkle, laughter and romance.


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