On the edge of Autumn

So quickly the seasons come and go, but this summer has been wonderful, lots of sunny days, beach wonderings and ice creams and bbq’s a plenty. But I’m about ready for Autumn and all that it brings, the gold’s the reds crispy mornings and cosy snuggly nights, but before it infolds us fully, as always i’m enjoying the Summers last hoorah where it really kicks up its heels and shows off, The colours aren’t as bright but they turn into real warm and deep tones. So todays board is of course inspired by that very event.

Berry Delight.

autumnThe board is a touch of the whimsy, enchantment and ever so slightly “midsummers nights dream” I’ve gone for the rich berry tones which i love as they come in so many different shades. from the tone of the early buddy berrys to the shade they turn when perfect for picking.

I love the invite style, You and your Mr in a cartoon is a perfect touch of playfulness while yes te big day is all rather grown up there nothing wrong with having something a bit cute.

I’ve really loved the increase of the “naked” wedding cake, its perfect for any time of year, and you can juts laden it with any in season fruit, while this one has strawberries. blackberries and raspberries would make for the perfect fruit for this months wedding.

At this time of year the sky seems to be more golden, so when i saw this dress i had to use it. and with your bridemaids in that beautiful shade you’d look stunning in those wedding pictures, and to bring you all together i’ve opted for a shoe that almost matches the bridesmaids. And the flowers, swap those soft pinks for deep berry reds and plums!!

Happy September!!

*images from Pinterest.
*Dress: Isadora Gown by www.rachelgilbert.com

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