So… you want to buy a wedding dress.

Its happened, the day you’ve been dreaming of – you’re going from “Miss” to “Mrs” YAY! You’ve probably popped a few bottles of something sparkly to celebrate, I mean this is one of life’s very exciting milestones. By now maybe the cards have been put away, You’ve created the  “My Wedding” board on Pinterest, out comes the planner and its down to business, first perhaps on many girls lists is THE dress, never an outfit so planned and dreamed of than the wedding dress, its the one dress that you will hope to be a little different, something that reflects who you are and perhaps be that dress people talk about  for quite some time. But one things for sure! it will grace thousands of photos and those images will take pride of place within parents homes and you will look back time and time again – I know I do.

But before heading out, here is a little advice that I’ve seen shared and spoken of time and time again via both friends and bridal suppliers alike.

1. Firstly – Please Please Please, Don’t feel pushed into spending more than you planned, have rough budget and keep that figure in mind – any reputable bridal shop will not force your hand in buying something you’re not 100% certain of. You absolutely can have the dress of your dreams and it not blow the bank or the wedding budget.
You’ll want to factor in alteration costs, depending on what you have done I’d say around £150 is a rough starting point, Think about possible extras – for example will you need to buy an underskirt to make your princess dress that bit bigger, a vail or added details – belt, capped sleeves or bolero.

2. Be open to suggestions, Walking into a bridal shop can be a little overwhelming but the owner and their assistances are worth their weight in industry knowhow and they are there to get you the dress of your dreams, they may suggest something a little different to what you envisioned but go with it, it might be that you’ve overlooked a style because you may have thought you wouldn’t suit it- I know had this happen when I looked, I thought A-lines were what would look good on me and actually I better suited a more figure hugging dress.

3. Play dress up! Remember as a little girl you would don your Mothers wedding dress, pretending to be her? Pop a bit of blush and mascara on, and a little lippy, add some jewellery, even the veil/head piece. Bring as many elements as you can to really help bring it all together.

4. Undies! Wear good nude undies, if you’re set on a strapless number there is no point in wearing a strapped bra, you don’t want to be tucking the straps in trying to see how it would look, Nope invest in a good strapless bra with plenty of support. Also modest knickers too!

5. Heels! (If you’re wearing them) No point trying to balance on tippy toes trying to see if the length is right. Bring along a pair of heels so you can get a really good feel of how you’ll be moving around in the dress, also it’s super helpful for getting then length of your dress just right.

6.  Dance around in the dresses you try on, ask one of your bridal party to act as the groom and see how close you can get – this is partly why you asked them to be in your wedding 😉 you’ll want to be close during that 1st dance so don’t let your dress get to in the way, also walk around a bit, does it glide well or are you having to really push it out with your feet, Can you twirl around like SJP in her Vivienne Westward dress?

7. And Lastly but so important, don’t rush the buy. Go for a coffee with your girls and have a good chat about it all, share your thoughts and maybe concerns talk it out. It’s a big buy so don’t go ahead if you’re unsure.

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#bridalmusings YES to the dress

Good morning, I hope you all had fab weekend!…. i know i did,
I’ve said yes to the dress!!! 50 weeks till and I’ve got the dress!! I actually thought this would have been a quicker process, having the group and page for isle of wight brides I’ve seen many many dresses and I thought that when it was my turn I’d bag a dress and be on my merry way. Well 3 wedding shops and multiple dresses later I was starting to think I’d never find one, that all changed this past week, Gems Bridal posted a few new sale dresses – I’ve said from the get go I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a dress, so when one of them caught my eye Wednesday I got in contact straight away made an appointment for Saturday and waited till I could go and try it on. We showed up and the girls were lovely they brought out the dress I had seen but also encouraged me to pick a few others as well, I’m glad I did as it cemented that the one I had seen was the dress, as it slipped over and fitted into place I had that “yes, this is it” moment, the other dresses were truly stunning but I had found mine, I keep looking back at my little snap shot and I still can’t quite believe that I will be saying I do in under a year!


We also went and had a nose around our venue, it was wet windy and very grey! but also quite romantic at the same time. The gardens were very quiet, who wants to wander around in cold and wet…. well we did, I fall in love with this place a little more everytime we visit. Although the weather merisble the plants and flowers were beautiful. We took a few snaps and like my dress i keep looking and that flutter of excitment rises everytime, i’m like a child waiting for father christmas. i’m loving it!14324358_10157458725190338_2953551779137094783_o



#Bridalmusings – A real bride’s advice.

So when all is said and done what would your advice be to those brides in the middle of planning? So many worries go through my head that I take huge comfort from reading the newly wedded brides tips and advice. And I’m more than happy to share this with you….


Advice from Joey

So we got married Thursday and it was the best day of my life!
Absolutely amazing! Can’t fault a single thing – the weather was lush, we got married outside and the whole day was simply perfect.  But if I learned anything from being a bride that I can pass on to any brides to be, it would be this….

1.forget the fancy undies, wear comfortable undercrackers, no matter how grannyish they are you can always change into your sexy lingerie later! Take it from someone who spent £20 on a pair of bridal undies that spent the entire day with a permanent wedgie- wedgies in a bridal gown is a logistical nightmare! (and I’ve suffered for it since – ouch!)

2. Just let any issues go, anything that goes wrong, shrug it off and get yourself a drink and your dancing feet ready!

3. Be an idiot and have fun with your bridesmaids- the photos will be brilliant and the memories even better. Don’t be head struck on being glamorous and classy all day… give yourself some time the relax and be you and have lots of laughs!

4. Money – Don’t cancel anything before the big day based on money if you can help it, we nearly did and would have regretted it. You will find the money somehow and it’ll be worth every penny.

5. Don’t be frightened of having children as guests at your wedding, just have plenty of things to keep them occupied instead. We had over 20 kids at ours and so we made up a play area with toys, tents and lots of games, we had a magician who not only did tricks for the adults but put a show on for them too and even the adults loved it. The kids added to the fun of it all and at no point were they a nightmare.

Good luck ladies and gents! Enjoy!!
13978296_1592328634393495_1977523698_oThe lovely Mr and Mrs Groves!
If you’d like to join in on the advice, then please drop me a message via IOWBrides Fb page


*magician Huxley Magic


Real Isle Of Wight Winter Weddings:

Winter, the season where hiding away feels like a really good idea, the warmth of summer is being missed and the bright colours are far and few between. I make it sound like an awful season, but actually there is a magic that stirs and it awakens only really at this time of year, love and friendships shine that little bit brigther. Winter walks on the island show of a whole different side that the hoilday makers won’t see, the pubs are so inviting some with crackling log fires, warming cocktails and a whole bounty of delicous food is aplenty. Christmas is just around the corner and of course that brings with it its festive cheer, its infectious, so much so that some couples choose this season to get wed and i can’t blame them.

Here i wanted to share some Winter weddings here on our beautiful lsle Of Wight.

GemmaMark075-tilePhoto credits:
Emma Watts Photography
Martin Wilkins
Chris Cowley
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Bridal fashion week: Fall 2016

Bridal fashion week for fall 2016 is in full swing, here are some of my favourite so far!

What I’m seeing across the board so far, is alot shimmer and sparkle but subtle , Lace is still going strong which i think is great, lots of soft and delicate detailing. I’m loving the more “modern” styles, bold with simple lines, the two piece is growing in popularity the idea of mixing style to best to your shape i believe will work with a lot of brides.

J.mendelHayley Paige
hayley paigeMonique Lhuillier
monique-lhuillierCarolina Herrera
carolina-herreraLela Roselela-rose-the-lake

Bembridge Flower Shop: Spring bouquets

All this greyness and damp is really starting to get on my nerves, but when the lovely Clare from the Bembridge flower shop sent me some images of there spring bouquets, it really lifted my spirits! Spring is just *fingers crossed* just round the corner, and with that comes the all the colours of the rainbow in terms of flowers, i love watching my news feed fill with wonderful arrangements. so here’s just a few to brighten your day.

Bridal Bouquet: “Memory Lane” Rose, Hellebore, Anemone, Muscari, Viburnum berry, Freesia, Eucalyptus, Birch. bouquet

 Jug: “Memory Lane” Rose, Hellebore, Anemone, Muscari, Viburnum berry, Eucalyptus, Birch.  claypotClay Pot: “Memory Lane” Rose, Hellebore, Anemone, Muscari, Viburnum berry, Eucalyptus, Aster, Eustoma, Wax Flower, Heather.

Many Thanks to The Bembridge Flower Shop team for sending me these delightful images.

Isle Of Wight Beauty


Lynsey-Marie is one of the Islands leading professional make up artist & hair stylist for weddings and special occasions.   Beauty services include wedding make up and wedding hair, eye treatments, semi- permanent eyelash extensions, waxing, birthday parties, pamper parties, lessons, nail extensions, gift certificates, hand made hair accessories and more.



Photo shoot:The Snow Doll

Just before chirstmas a group of Island bridal suppliers got together to create a magical winter theme bridal shoot.

The Snow Doll: A beautiful young lady  trapped in none other than a giant snow globe, here she awaits to rescue of her prince.

snow2 IMG_5800snow 3IMG_6136  snow19snow16IMG_6006snow14Dornellie – Dress/Vail
Lesa I Heart Buttons – Button Bouquet
Stephen Bishop SuitingSuit at I Heart Buttons
Chris Cowley – Isle Of Wight Photography
Jo Lofthouse – Isle of wight makeup and facepaint
Busy Bees – Garden Centre
James and Claire Models

I’m so happy it had a fairy tale ending.