Good Morning Readers!

The island is all a buzz, the children are off of school enjoying their summer holidays, the island is full of holiday makers lapping up the beautiful weather we’ve been having and over in the Cowes the yachts and boats are out in all their glory. But it’s the carnivals which at the moment are making their rounds through the island towns, that I’m taking inspiration from but perhaps with an American touch.


Have to say this is loud! Its bright, its in your face but I think a wedding theme people will not forget in a hurry!

Setting the scene/decoration:

Of course I think opting for a marquee would be a pretty good idea, plenty of bunting – red and white, and fairy lights all around.
with the invite, as I always say it lets your guests know what they are in for, so with a big top tent the little ticket detail I think they’ll get the message that they are in for a real treat

As we’re thinking outdoors I think it would be a fab idea to get some lawn games on the go, and going with that circus/fair/carnival how about some games relating to that? So mock fish in a bowl?
Ring toss? Or how about the grab a duck?

For a bride going for this look, I’d reckon you wouldn’t say no to a quite funky dress
So I’m thinking a 1950’s number but with perhaps a red net skirt underneath? And instead of a veil as such what about a mini top hat?

And those ribbons!!. The flowers so simple but made so much more fun with the multi-colour,

Instead of a big cake opting for typical carnival food I think helps really create that easy going party, so the doughnut tower I have to say I really love! other foods you could opt for could maybe be, hot dogs and burgers, popcorn or candy floss stalls?

A little fun for your big day!!


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