Wedding trends for 2017

It feels just like yesterday I was doing the same post about trends for 2016! How quickly a year passes!

So happy new year, I truly hope this year is filled with more laughter, more smiles and lots of happiness!

Heres just a snippet of what 2017 has in store

Colours: Pantone have named their 2017 colour  “Greenery” as colour of choice. And it’s already made its way into the trends of 2017.

Themes: This year seems to be about the world around us. Foliage in all its glory, be that woodland or tropical, marble and watercolours seem to be firm favourites.

Décor: There are some “here to stay” items such as jars, burlap and hessian that rustic look has a firm footing for weddings. Something a little different and that’s industrial style, so think cooper colour vases, venues with bare walls and simply decorated with globe/cadged string lights, metal candle holders, folding wooden chairs and even the use of little concrete items, such as plants holders.

Flowers: It looks as though just having greenery is going to be the bouquet choice,  it may seem a little lacking in the colour department but you can have a fab arrangement of different greens and the use of textures such as succulents, herbs, palms and grasses do a make a stunning combination, but also cascading bouquets look set to make a comeback.  


Treats: Out goes (it would look like) the sweet buffets and in are cake tables, one big wedding cake isn’t quite enough these days, growing in popularity is having multiple cakes… more cake in my eyes is most welcome. Doughnuts! I saw plenty of these last year as go to options, they come in so many flavours, styles and toppings I think they are a great choice! The last few years naked cakes have been widely popular, but i think this next trend will become very popular, made hot by Anges de sucres these drippy cakes can be done any whichway you want! nothing is off limits, anything you like! Have a sweet that does it for you why not have that for decoration? Like macaroons have those adorn the side, heck even have popcorn or biscuits… I could go on and on, but go and have a browse on Pinterest and you’ll see something that you’ll like!.

But of course, whatever your style, interest or likes bring that into your big day!
Happy wedding planning!
Sharon xxx