Top tips for the newly engaged.

Top tips for the newly engaged.

I can’t quite believe I’ve not blogged since the New Year!!

Well it’s been a pretty fab year already, because back in March my wonderful charming and fabulous Mr proposed to me!

I wasn’t the cool calm collected girl I thought I would be, nope the poor guy didn’t have much of a chance to utter those 4 life changing words, I clocked the ring asked if this was what I thought it was and cried – I wasn’t expecting it in the slightest, I was in bed having a lazy Saturday and he had gone to get us breakfast from the lovely French franks, I took out my croissant and jam from the little bag and at the bottom there was a box, my mind rushed to thinking “ooh earrings”, a surprise birthday present – My birthday being on the Thursday just gone. And there it was a beautiful aquamarine and diamond ring. I looked at him and the look of the love in his eyes was unquestionable. Sitting there with this man who means the world to me I was overjoyed/content and just so, I was in this blissful bubble that I never wanted/want to pop – and it hasn’t. So here we are and I’m already planning like a mad woman.



Having blogged, posted and shared so much these past three years, that I’m so pleased to have done it all as it is going to be of so much help. But it is a hard quest! But one I’m enjoying very much.
So what have I picked up and want to share?
Well for starters set up a wedding only email, this is sooooo handy as when you start messaging companies/venues and all the other vendors it’s great to have them all in one place not getting lost or forgotten.

2. The budget, this is an important one, everyone loves a wedding and wants it to be memorable but don’t go into a marriage with debt. And this is where the email comes in handy, for all those quotes you’ll be after.

3. A drafting of the guest list, while your wedding may be a while off, when we did this ourselves it became clear that we need a venue to hold a biggish amount, so no dreams dashed once walking around and finding out that venue only holds x amount.

4. Picking a date, working out what month you want to wed will be handy as to when you really need to get on the ball with picking a venue, these and photographers tend to booked up well in advance especially for those summer months! – June July and August. Also prices go up a smidge more for peak times. So put that as a factor in your budget.

5. Always be on the same page. I’ve always believed that it’s the groom’s day as much as the bride. So when it comes to hosting one of the biggest events of your lives, be sure that its full of you both.

More blogs to come now i’m in the brides shoes!!


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