Choosing the right ceremony:

Wedding planning is a big undertaking, I’m not kidding; that goes for the little weddings, big weddings or even if you decide to elope! They take time, can stir up emotions that you may not have been expecting, but it will; as to quote an old TV host “be alright on the night” And choosing how you get married I think would come up on top for getting it right
So what are your options?

Church wedding
Traditional religious ceremony, you’ll need to work out which is your parish but you are also able to wed in other churches. You can find some really helpful advise over on

Cost: The required legal fee for marrying in a church. If you marry outside your own parish, it is £497 in 2017* and £456 if you marry in your home parish (providing you both live there). This is set by the Church of England nationally and is the same for every church.

This basic legal fee includes the cost of the vicar, the church, calling your banns, a banns certificate, the marriage certificate, lighting and all administration.

Reading of Banns
Most Church of England marriages will require banns to be published before the wedding can take place. You won’t need to arrange banns until about four months before your wedding date. Read more about what’s special and important about banns.

If there is not enough notice given for the banns to be read before the marriage is due to take place, or in the case of the marriage of people who are not nationals of a country within the European Economic Area, or if one or both of you does not live in England or Wales, it is recommended that the Licence procedure be used rather than banns.

There are some circumstances in which you may need a Special Licence, Common Licence or a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate to marry in church. Your vicar will let you know if these apply to you.


Approved premises
Approved premises is a venue where you are legally allowed to get married, the local registrar will come out to your choose venue and conduct the service, which can be tailored to you and yours.

Cost: Approved Premises Mon-Thur £375 (excludes marriage certificate)
Approved Premises Fri £400 (excludes marriage certificate)
Approved Premises Sat £425(excludes marriage certificate)
Approved Premises Sun/Bank Hol £450 (excludes marriage certificate)
for approved premises please check out Council Approved Premises

Requirements: Before a civil partnership can take place, couples must give formal Notice of their intention to enter into this partnership. This must be given to the local register office in the district where you have been living for at least the last 8 days. Giving Notice of Marriage or for a Certificate of No Impediment £35 each

A non-refundable booking fee of £45 is payable to secure a venue, date and time with the Isle of Wight Register Office


Registrar’s office
Cost: Register Office Ceremony (Mon – Sat) £50 (inc 1 certificate)
Requirements: Like the approved premises you’ll have to give notice and pay a Booking fee £45 (non-refundable) as well £35 each for giving notice.

A celebrant is someone will is able to conduct a more personified ceremony/blessing, In parts of the UK certain religious ceremonies are not legal but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the celebration you’d like, they cater to handfastings (although you would also be able to opt for a pagan priest) unity candle ceremony and many other symbolisms that work for your big day.

Cost: UK average £300
Requirements: You will have to go to your local registrar and do the legal bit. But after that you and your future spouse can have a blessing pretty much anywhere you wish with permissions from landowners and venues of course.

Island Celebrants –,

Or of course if none of those things tickle your fancy and you’re thinking of  a far flung wedding, the world is your oyster.

Cost : £35 and up
Requirements: Each country does their legal stuff differently, so first up you will have to call the local authorities of where you intend to marry and they will give you all the information you need to go ahead with your wedding, You’ll also have to go to your local registrar to give notice and attain a CNI (certificate of no impediment)
for more information please check out

So, I hope this helps!

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Wedding trends for 2017

It feels just like yesterday I was doing the same post about trends for 2016! How quickly a year passes!

So happy new year, I truly hope this year is filled with more laughter, more smiles and lots of happiness!

Heres just a snippet of what 2017 has in store

Colours: Pantone have named their 2017 colour  “Greenery” as colour of choice. And it’s already made its way into the trends of 2017.

Themes: This year seems to be about the world around us. Foliage in all its glory, be that woodland or tropical, marble and watercolours seem to be firm favourites.

Décor: There are some “here to stay” items such as jars, burlap and hessian that rustic look has a firm footing for weddings. Something a little different and that’s industrial style, so think cooper colour vases, venues with bare walls and simply decorated with globe/cadged string lights, metal candle holders, folding wooden chairs and even the use of little concrete items, such as plants holders.

Flowers: It looks as though just having greenery is going to be the bouquet choice,  it may seem a little lacking in the colour department but you can have a fab arrangement of different greens and the use of textures such as succulents, herbs, palms and grasses do a make a stunning combination, but also cascading bouquets look set to make a comeback.  


Treats: Out goes (it would look like) the sweet buffets and in are cake tables, one big wedding cake isn’t quite enough these days, growing in popularity is having multiple cakes… more cake in my eyes is most welcome. Doughnuts! I saw plenty of these last year as go to options, they come in so many flavours, styles and toppings I think they are a great choice! The last few years naked cakes have been widely popular, but i think this next trend will become very popular, made hot by Anges de sucres these drippy cakes can be done any whichway you want! nothing is off limits, anything you like! Have a sweet that does it for you why not have that for decoration? Like macaroons have those adorn the side, heck even have popcorn or biscuits… I could go on and on, but go and have a browse on Pinterest and you’ll see something that you’ll like!.

But of course, whatever your style, interest or likes bring that into your big day!
Happy wedding planning!
Sharon xxx

A Chat with Dornellie

On Saturday i hopped on a bus and made my way over to have a good old catch up with Karen Robb Of Dornellie – The Bridal Studio, recently she has set about offering a consultation service, and I got a taster of what you can expect. Now its not something you’d really think about having, there’s not much to trying on dresses – you just try them on right? … well not so much, not in my case anyway as a bride to be myself i have to say its not as simple as I thought, granted for those you who know what they want and they can pick and carry on, that’s great! for me I’ve had my struggles – body image being one of them, thinking I know what suits me hasn’t come as easy as i thought it would.

so making my way into the Aladdin’s cave that is the studio where beautiful dresses hang, detailed veils and head pieces for all style and the room where all of the magic happens! Karen told me how she’d like to use her experience to help brides.

Her passion is clear to see, she wants no bride to be disappointed in her dress,  she wants to help as much as she can, and with the rise of cheap dresses sometimes you end up paying more to get it sorted, just recently I went to one discounted wedding branch and although I’m no dress maker I could tell they lacked quality something I don’t think you should ever scrimp on.

***Wedding Dress Advice Consultations***

As a result of the numerous messages and responses to my advice on wedding dress shopping I will be launching new consultation appointments in July for a bride plus her one trusted friend/family member to come along and receive an hour and a half of advice, tips and a personal guide to buying the perfect wedding dress.

I will cover all the things to avoid or embrace in any bridal boutique and give you a personal template of the style of dress best suited to you.

I will also give suggestions on the best accessories and point you in the right direction for any other wedding day service you are looking for.

Appointments will be limited and first come first served.
I will cover all the things to avoid or embrace in any bridal boutique and give you a personal template of the style of dress best suited to you.

£30 to ensure you have the tools to make the perfect decision, enjoy your wedding dress shopping and hopefully not have any nightmare ‘wobbles’ about your dress.

Any sales made will receive a discount of the £30 and I will be putting together a goody bag too with information and maybe a few surprises!!

Please let me know if this is of interest and make your booking for July.

Good luck to all brides shopping for that dream gown but please know I am here to help.

Karen xx”

And you know, it is worth it, I left there with more hope that I will the find dress for me. It’s overwhelming, but it need not to be. If you can I’d highly suggest you go for a chat!

Till next time

*Image Kat Forsyth

First day of Autumn!!

“So it’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatety mornings, and toasting marshmallow evenings, and best of all, leaping into LEAVES!” – Pooh Bear

Can’t say it any better than that really! Autumn weddings are all about the comfort, the cosy and warming, my mind springs to friends and family laughing and getting to know each other while toasting marshmallow’s over a fire, or indulging in some fab mulled drinks be it cider or wine. A buffet of all the bounty from the harvest, fruit filled pies and amazing breads and meats! Yup its safe to say Autumn is my favourite season!

Happy Autumn IOWbrides!!!Firstdayautumn