Josh Osmond film and photography

Joshua Osmond who currently resides in Southsea but originally from this beautiful Isle Of Wight, has spent these last few years studying and working hard at learning his trade, graduating in 2012 with a BA in media practice from the University Of The West in Bristol, he’s now out in the big media/arts world.

He takes alot his of inpsiration from whats around him, there are raw elements to his work that are true and honest, also quite urban but with a touch of the ethereal.

In recent months he’s been putting his skills to work- anything he can do to build his experience is no bad thing!, editing for a lovely videographer company and what’s more its wedding video cinematography!!
Having watched a few, those families really have something to treasure.

Most recently Josh was called in to shoot a wedding, his first and I have to say keep an eye out for this one! I’m very pleased to able to share it with you here!!!


I just love the lazy hazy romance that he’s captured.
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