Autumnal Bliss

Good morning!!
I’m still holding back on the pumpkin boards, but I’m really swaying towards the rustic country vibe, I think living on an island makes that “look” an easy one to achieve.

I’ve opted just for subtle colours of orange, browns and even beige, I know if you look around ,you will defiantly see that these colours are reflected in our hedgerows, and wooded areas.

In a few of my boards from last year, I used images of brides wearing cardigans, just a little something to take the chill away while outside for those all-important photos, well while looking for something a bit different for this board, I spotted the long sleeved wedding dress, it’s not glamorous as such but more boho and I totally love it! With flowing curly locks and a few flowers in your hair I think you’d feel every inch the fair maiden.

And for your leading man, I’m loving the textured suit, I like the used of different fabrics and the colours, If suits aren’t your thing then why opt for something that you’re going to feel comfortable in? but if something like the above is then fashion away!

I love simplicity! in the invites no fuss just pretty detailing. And I tried to tie the cake and flowers all together, I do love those flower combinations.

And the shoes, as ever I like the flash of colour under the dress, this aren’t too in your face orange, quite soft tone which I love.
This board to me is all about the calm and serine. Good food and music and just a relaxed day.

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