Ideas for keeping cosy….

Hello October!!!
I know I know, 6 days late but still!! At last October! The month totally and utterly full of wonderful flavours and just sings comfort! I’m in total awe if you are wedding in this month, and it is certainly a month that i would opt for, I’m pretty sure this is the month of many many themes! Pumpkins, apples, full on rustic woodland charm and well i could just go on and on, but I’ll leave that to today’s post.

Back in July I posted ideas on how to keep cool, well today while the rain has been lashing down, I decided to do a mini post for keeping cosy.


Hot Drinks bar: I love a good hot chocolate, topped with a mountain of marshmallows and whipped cream I am in heaven. So after getting wed, going back for welcome drinks and seeing this table of goodness I’m sure will delight the child in all of us, and you could always have a dash of something abit stronger..

Warm Cider: Enjoyed a few chilled glasses of cider this past summer? then why not keep it going only this time opt for mulled?

Baked Goods: Churros, liken to the doughnut but in stick form! And when dipped in nutella! well what could be better? I would have one of these set up like an ice cream truck or on a mini sweet cart!

Wrap up: During a service sometimes you are sat down for a while, the chill can creep in, and while a coat of course is an option, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable so when i spotted the blanket idea, well I thought that was something I’d love….. with a hot chocolate and churros in hand?…. perhaps a bit much right?

But there are some fab ideas out there on how to keep warm, and while of course not all places are going to be chilly I think some of these could work for many.

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