Wedding favour ideas.

Wedding Favour ideas.
Favours to do or not to do? In the last 10 or so years favours have become apart of the norm at weddings receptions.I know for some, favours can be viewed as a waste of money and that money could be better used else where, but for  others there an added little memento of the couple’s big day.

So if you’re in the boat of yes! Or still on the side lines, here are some favour ideas.

Our Island may be small but we are lucky enough to hold host to 2 wine yards, 3 breweries, a cider house (?) and a distillery now that’s now bad going is it? All of which make and sell some fab tasting drinks. The options are pretty varied and I think you could find something to suite your crowd. From sweet favoured wines, to smooth and rich ales and refreshing ciders. Local attractions like the Garlic farm and Ventnor botanic gardens have come up with their own unique favours.


Sweet treats.
Ahhh sweets! perhaps my biggest enjoyment! seeing that little box of goodies brings a smile to my face every time. But what sweet treat do you opt for? well the choice is really yours, you could opt for pic’n’mix jars, sweet trees – these act as a great table decoration at the same time which is a nice tasty bonus!.
You could opt for macaroons these come in every colour and flavour you can dream up. Living in or near any seaside location rock should be a worthy candidate.


I know i know DIY! what mad woman/man would opt to sit and make who knows how many DIY favours for their wedding? Well if you’re up for it there are some fab low cost favours you could make. for me personally cookies or chutneys is what springs to mind, with little printable tags and little suggestions what to have them with or just instructions, It costs a lot less than you might think and it’ll store well so you can make it in the months before to the wedding.

This idea is in favour of nature and eco-friendly, these are something that will be enjoyed months after the big day, maybe a hint of DIY again… You could use any seeds you like again there is such a variety, I’d opt for seeds that attract butterfly’s and the bee’s I like to sit in the garden with a brew and watch them dance from flower to flower. I believe in moment of calm and once you see those greens shoots it’s hard not to look forward to the blooms that come. and with the seed hangers that of course will brings birds and that too is also lovely.  page

What about favours that your guests can have a little fun around the table with.. what about personalised transfer tattoos? or what about little bags of Lego people, your guests can swap and change and create funky characters.

Last but not least, what about a donation to a your charity of choice, I’ve seen these grow ever more in popularity and it is a really lovely idea!


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