Trash the dress take two!

Afternoon Brides!!!

This weekend a familiar face was back to trashing her dress!!! you may remember  me sharing the fab sea trashing blog post with bride Danielle Ginno, Well she’s only gone and done another! I have to say I’ve become quite familiar with this dress, as featured her wedding back in 2011 to Grant. So one trash wasn’t enough, what route did she opt for this time?  A 5k run in Portsmouth in aid of “Help for Heroes” now not happy with just running no she opted for the “Run or Dye” run, a 5k route with everyone throwing dye!!
What Danielle said about the run “As you run around the course you come up to various dye stations along the way with organisers throwing handfuls of dye at the runners, then at the end its the dye festival where the guy on stage blasts out music while covering you with the dye and he throws packets and packets into the crowd ready for the dye throw – This is where he counts down and everyone throws their dye in the air together to create a sea of colour. That was amazing!!!”

I asked why she opted to do another trash:
Danielle: Because my dress cost me a lot of money and it seemed crazy to leave it in the loft with the ideal that my daughter may wear in one day (I’d hate for her to feel she had to wear it just because I’d kept it for her). So I made use of it! The colour of my dress now is amazing and I hope it encourages other brides to make use of their dresses one last time. A brides dress is one of the biggest parts of her day – putting it on and feeling like a princess again brings back so many happy memories. The pictures that were taken have captured those memories again and that’s pretty cool too!

IOWbrides:Is this the last trash? or shall we watch this space?

Danielle:Haha! My dress is trashed but it may appear at next years run… Hopefully leading plenty of beautiful brides in white dresses into a world of colour!


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