This week Britain made history! Gay marriage is now legal! Something which I believe has been long overdue. Love is a thing we all crave, love lift us up, carry’s us through many of life’s problems and it comes in so many different forms. But when we find it in another person, it feels like you’ve finally found something for which you were searching but you didn’t even know it, when you find that person and they make everything make sense it is only natural to want to take it to the next step and for many that is marriage. Marriage about two people just two people coming together sharing their love and want to show to the other people who are important to them, so when that option hasn’t  been allowed purely on the bases of  the sex of who you have fallen for that’s upsetting. But this week! This week things finally have moved into clear view and chances are happening!

So here is my a celebration board!

Rainbow: A rainbow comes after the storm, when the sun breaks through those dark clouds and shines are bright as can be, it also creates a Rainbow!  Very apt!

Photography : Mr & Mr – Hudson River Photographer
                        Mrs & Mrs – Steph Grant Photography

Congratualtions!!! and good luck to all those getting hitched!! Love is Love.

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