Happy Friday!

For the past few days the sun has been shinning and filling us all with happy vibes, with it bringing back memories of beautiful summer days, which feels like its finally edging ever closer. But unfortunately today the sun doesn’t to want to grace us, at least not at the moment, the island this morning was in a blanket of fog, normally it moves on which I’m hoping it does, mainly for any brides whose big day it may be today. Good Luck to those happy couples!!

So once again due to the foggy and greyness outside, I’ve gone for bright!

There is also a slight festival vibe to this so it can work really well during those summer months too.


The Pallet.
Bright! Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange – in fact more the colour the better! And brighter the better too.

 The theme/decor: Never ever been a fan of balloons, in certain cases they are growing on me, I really love the big balloons, not so much the ones used are birthday parties but these giant confetti filled ones like bubblegum balloons do.

I love bunting and ribbons whether it be in halls or yurts, picnics or garden patios,  i think they lift any space right up!! in my heart a wedding should be the biggest party you’ll ever have! Love is one of lifes biggest celebrations and like love – well to me at least, its vibrante and joyus so i’d reflect that in the set up.

The Cake: I’m loving this cake, Its styled on the mexican party game “pinata”, its full of the bright colours that i was looking for, the frills od shapes! i’d even ask to have rainbow sponge layers on the inside.

The Bride: It was quite hard trying to find something with a flash of bright colour for the brides dress, i have a perfect image in my head, a time when i wish i had the skill to make something. But this was the closet to hat i wanted, a white dress (as always) with a bright under skirt! and normally i just like the shoes to offset the white but today i want to flashes of colour, hence the blue shoes!, i love the tie up and its such a pretty shade, one colour that i believe is on the “trends list” for 2014. There was also this one which i thought was really cool.

 The invite: As ever bring everthing together as a theme, i’d opt for the pinata shapes and colours for the invites.

Flowers:For the bouquet i’m thinking an arragement of giant dasies, gerbras, peonies and sunflowers.

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