Love Love Love….

February! the month of Love!!! The time of year where people show their love for one another that little bit more, and its not just for lovers, but for friends, family and your fellow man and woman.

And should February be the month you decided in which to wed your beloved! then well, decorations are a plenty for you should you opt for hearts.

Here is a board that just oozes hearts and pink!
love love

The palette: Pink, pink, pink and a little bit of red.

The Dress: A dusty pink netted dress with a sparkly bodice, I believe the dress I’ve opted for also has a heart neckline perfect!. for me this dress recreates walking on clouds and the light hearted feeling you have when you first spot your love. I’d like to bring that back… not that it ever left. But I think this dress will have you floating around that little bit more.

The flowers: Roses! I know know, typical! But if it’s not broke why fix it?, even though i have opted for roses, I like the idea of having different shades of the same base colour.

The Cake: I really like white cakes with bold patterns and colours, and the hearts cascading down the cake will tie the bouquet and the pink elements all together.
I’d even go as far as asking the baker to perhaps add a heart inside the cake so when you cut it open you get a bit of extra loveage.

The shoes: Light and airy style shoes, which I think would match the dress perfectly.

The Groom: Ok, so while few men would want to don pink for the whole outfit, i have chosen this attire for a little light heartedness. it’s fun, bright and a little bold. qualities I find in my own man. and given that it is just the jacket that’s pink its not to ott.

The room/decoration: Paper chain hearts, perhaps even some heart bunting to fill the space. twinkly lights and soft pinks for table cloths, and even use the great loves for your table seating – Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra etc.


Your wedding day is all about love and as it almost valentines those maybe choosing this month to wed are a little cupid mad.

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