I would most definitely put picking a venue on the top three important “to do” list. 1. Date, 2. Venue and 3. Photographer, If like me you had a date in mind go and get it! then the venue and finish off with your photographer – thats just as hard picking a venue as theres such talent here, but enough and onto Venues!!

This island may be small, but it doesn’t lack for options when it comes to venues, you want a famous historical venue? We’ve got it, you want a manor house? We’ve got those, you want modern? You guessed it we have those too! The list of registered venues is great. So I’ve put a few together just to give you an idea of what’s out there.

A popular choice for weddings, having everything done under one roof can take alot of the stress out of planning, I’ve choosen 6, but there are far more, heres just a taster. Priory Bay hotel, Albert Cottage, Ryde Castle, The Hambourgh, The Royal and Lakeside Park Hotel

a03faec833fea770416e-tile Gardens, lodges, arts centers and everything inbetween.
I can’t express enough how much choice the island holds when it comes to picking a venue, if you’re into sailing than any number of the islands sailing clubs would be perfect for you, if you’re into history then the roman villa could be for you! and the gardens here on the island are truly stunning, so heres another 6 different venue options for you.
Bowcombe Lodge, Quay Arts centre, Bembridge sailing club, Brading Roman Villa, Ventnor Botanical gardens, Calbourne Mill.f2a636099052cf92385f37b2b63a4bec-tile Manors houses:
We really don’t lack for impressive manor houses on this beautfiul Isle, so heres another 6 venues for you to look at. Northcourt, Arreton Manor, Appuldurcombe, Landguard manor, Barton manor, East Dene 3035a-tile

So there you have it, thats just 18 out of so many more wedding venues. for a full list please head on over to the Isle Of Wight Council and check out their list of licensed venues!


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