New hope for outdoor weddings!!

Last week i read some great news that weddings, might! just might be able to be held outside!! This is great news!!! I long to wed outside, my dream has always been to have the ground firmly under my feet, whether it be sand between my toes or the soft tickle of lush green grass. In the past while writing for a delightful magazine – full of fairy-tale/boho/folkies dreamers, I marvelled in the wonder of one couple getting married in a cave and another at the bottom of the Tor in Glastonbury, both amazing and equally romantic, the downside it wasn’t legal, that bit had to be down either on the day then rush to the magical place of your choosing or a different to when you actually had everyone with you, but now that this law may come to pass it will mean that won’t have to happen, and this goes i hope! for every faith or those that don’t hold one can choose a location most suited to them, a chance rejoice in marrying in the beauty that is our planet. I’ve long *hmphed* and *sighed* at trying to understand why it is that you have to marry in a building or at the very least have something overhead. Marriage is about two people. Two souls becoming one, there shouldn’t be limits to where you marry, as long as you are committed to one and another, support, protect, embrace and encourage one another…then lets have to stars be our roof, the caves our protection or the waves washing us into a life of wedded bliss.

So while my board isn’t in a cave or on a beach, i’ve opted for the ever so closer to home touch, the back garden. But i’m naming this board “An English Garden Wedding”

GardenThis is for those opting for low key, small, homespund and definitely an intermit affair.

Decoration/theme: On the lawn amongst beautiful flowers, buzzing of bees and chirping of the birds, soft fluttering of bunting hanging from trees, bushes and or along the fencing. And a perfect blue sky and the sun shining brightly making all natures colours bright and vibrant. Picnic tables with gingham patterned clothes, perhaps a BBQ or bring along buffet would be fitting.

The Invite: Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

The Shoes: These delightful shoe were found on Modcloth, I just love them! The sparkle and shimmer!

The dress: This lovely 50’s style dress I found at coast at £250, what a bargain!
I love the two tone fabrics, it’s slightly pleated so it adds a little something, a little more movement.

The Cake: No fuss and simple white cake, perhaps with a slightly rough frosting, but I really like the simplicity of it, a few flowers but not much more.

Added extras: What about using a wheelbarrow as a drinks cooler? Fill it up with ice and pop to any number of our local supermarkets with their deals on drinks, and there you go a very quick and easy storage for toasting drinks

Just to help you picture a wedding a garden, I stumbled across this fab post, which in turn happened to be Chris Cowley’s work!! Great stuff!! a really lovely blog too!

*Image found on:Boho-weddings
*Photography: Chris Cowley

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