All things nice

I love where my inspirations come from, i’ve mentioned before that anything can trigger my mind to getting ideas and making up boards, it can be anything from the weather – the sun bouncy across the flowers making their colours look electric, or seeing someone post about a hobbie they are passionate about, you might remember the “bicycle made for two” board some months back.

Well today my inspiration comes from the very exciting news of one of my best girls getting engaged last weekend!! I’m over the moon for these two!! and i hope she doesn’t mind me putting this together, She is one hell of a creative lady, well they both are! So i know this will no doubt be a fab DIY wedding. She has a lot of loves which i think is perfect for creating a very personal wedding “theme”. From her love of all things pink, to vintage and tea parties. I’ve selected a few elements and i think it makes for a very pretty board.

Biss The Theme/Decor.
Soft and Vintage springs to mind, pretty pastels and with lots of flowers but i reckon there would bright tones added in there as well, being that she is a huge fan of Paris and Shakespear’s Midsummer nights dream i know this is will be one perfect fairy tale!

The Invite: Having mentioned that these two love birds are creative, i know for sure that they will defiantly design their own invites being illustrators/graphic designers and all that! I picture something similar to the save the date card/Invite in the board, there is every possibility that they’ll wed off the island and could be in the place they met – Portsmouth, so guys how does a little map design sound?- could  lead us to to where you choose too wed? could add the hover and the spinnaker tower!!

The shoes: I love these, perfect and girly just up my girls street, and of course that added sparkle and whats even more fitting is the little bows!.

The Dress: Figure hugging, lace and just elegant.

The Cake: My first thoughts spring to a big white frosted cake maybe with a pink centre, a top miniature bunting with the words “juste marié” –  bringing the french vibe in, When i thought how about french macarons! they come in a whole host of colours, Being that she loves tea parties and the little fancies that go with it, i thought what better thing to have than these. Of course a white frosted cake with macarons as decorations would work to! best of both!

I’m looking forward to seeing what these two create, and she knows where i am should she need me!!

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