Bridal fashion week: Fall 2016

Bridal fashion week for fall 2016 is in full swing, here are some of my favourite so far!

What I’m seeing across the board so far, is alot shimmer and sparkle but subtle , Lace is still going strong which i think is great, lots of soft and delicate detailing. I’m loving the more “modern” styles, bold with simple lines, the two piece is growing in popularity the idea of mixing style to best to your shape i believe will work with a lot of brides.

J.mendelHayley Paige
hayley paigeMonique Lhuillier
monique-lhuillierCarolina Herrera
carolina-herreraLela Roselela-rose-the-lake

Trash the dress

The Wedding dress, the item of clothing that most little girls dream about for her speical day, When our prince charmings get down on bended knee and pop that amazing question, one of the first things to plan is of course the dress, its the chance of becoming a princess for the day, We flick through bridal pages, look at different fabrics and it can be quite the hunt. But when we finally find it, its always perfect, very few brides will remove it for the whole day and some i’d imagen fall asleep in it. But once you’ve driven off into the sunset of marital bliss, what happens to that dress? Placed back in the safty bag and hung in the wardrobe? or popped in the attic to keep it out of the way? Or you could cut it up and it be used for your childs chrisiting. But there is another way to go and that is by “Trashing” I’d say this craze has been going on for a good few years now, but i’ve only ever seen it in bridal magazines all staged and done by models. So it was with great excitment to see a real bride giving it ago,and not any one but my friend and one of my admins on the Isle Of Wight Brides facebook group page.

Heres just a little Q&A

What made you decide to “trash the dress”?

I decided to do a trash the dress shoot as my dress had been hung behind a door for 18 months and I didn’t know what to do with it – put it in the loft, sell it or get some more memories of my dress!

We had so many formal photos taken on our wedding day that we didn’t get many relaxed, natural ones of just the two of us or of the dress. As I’d spent so much on the dress I thought some photos showing it off would be worthwhile.

So I put a post in Isle of Wight Brides and the response was fantastic! Got the ball rolling and the shoot arranged.

There are some brilliant shots of you in the water, did that take much coaxing?
Nope – I was very much up for going in! The sea shots were the main part of the shoot – the others were planned around it… Although when we arrived in Shanklin it had got cold and the sea looked FREEZING!

With shots like these, my fist thoughts are that there not so different from a wedding shoot, having met Chris for what i’m guessing was the first time, it looked like you were at ease.?
We did meet Chris once before and we were in constant contact with him over the few weeks leading up to the shoot. Jo and Donna were very easy to get along with and having my husband there made me feel even more at ease. We were all so excited about it that we just enjoyed the evening really!

So one thing thats on my mind, and probably other brides who may have thought about doing something like this but are still unsure, how bad is the dress after the salty water?
It actually looks ok! Very sandy and the fabric is harsher due to the salt but pretty sure a dry clean would get it back to a good standard!

So without much further ado here are the photos!!! 540707_10151571373826312_300868048_n 14785_10151571372961312_481152442_n 992822_10151571369541312_1454485030_n21380_10151571377571312_313249803_n 1069421_10151571375901312_1162606969_n 1005187_10151571379176312_149642346_n
Just stunning!!
Credits – Images taken by the talented Chris Cowley, Hair by Donna Jones and Make up by Jo Lofthouse and Real Birde Mrs Danielle Ginno


My Bridal Experience

So while i was at the “All About The Wedding” bridal show, i was persuaded to give the bridal experience ago, i have to say i was a little reluctant, superstitious thoughts entered my mind, is it bad luck? and am i tempting fate!!

But i was gently pushed thanks to Lottie, Abigail, Becca and one of the lovely ladies from Isle Of Wight Pearl. There is no harm in getting all dressed up as Lottie reminded me,and she was right I’m pretty sure as girls we have all dressed up as a bride at some point, donning our mums wedding dress, or wearing a net curtain over our heads for a veil. So off i went and picked out a few dresses, I’d always thought I’d opt for the fish-tale dress,but  it wasn’t meant to be, the other two i chose – one was a fitted corseted number with lots of shimmer and sparkle – me to a tee! and the third a big floaty number.
I was also able to wear two of Dornellies creations, a hair band with silk and gems, and the second a fascinator with netting and more gems.

So here I am.

Sharon1sharon2A huge thank you to Abigail Steed, for doing my photos, i have to say this was a perfect add on at the bridal show, i thought it was a hit and great way to allow brides to have a little taster of what they will look like on there big day, And thank you to all the lovely ladies on hand in the “True Bride Experience” Gems Bridal, Sugar and Spice, Isle Of Wight Pearl, B Charlo Style and of course Dornellie for putting on the whole thing!!!