This is just a quick one, with the dark evening drawing ever closer and with all hallows eve just round the corner, I was inspired to get a bit wicked with my boards.
Black, red and purple, fab colours for that Goth vibe, using plush velvets and lace in the bridal attire will bring that Morticia Addams look.
Candles, be those real or the led ones, you can create some fab shadows on the walls.
Get creative with table seating, I quite like the “plot” theme. a bit spooky but this theme is defiantly for the alternative couples out there. I’ve tried to go for romantic and classy spooky wedding. How about opting for some typical Halloween music to play while eating?
The monster mash springs to mind. I can’t praise the island enough when it comes to venues that will fit with themes, Appuldurcombe would be pretty perfect, in a ruin which is supposedly haunted would be the cherry on the top! Or of you’re looking for somewhere smaller what about Ruby’s of Seaview

If you’re opting for a sweet cart perhaps you could re-name your sweets and go abit ghoulish!



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