7 tips for trying on wedding dresses!!

Its happened, the day you’ve been dreaming of, perhaps you’ve had a party to celebrate the new engagement or a meal with family and friends, But the cards have now been taken down and its down to business. The planning and preparations are in action, and first perhaps on many girls lists is the wedding dress, never an outfit so planned and dreamed of than the wedding dress, its the one dress that you will hope to be a little different, something that reflects who you are and perhaps be that dress people talk about  for quite some time. But one things for sure! it will grace thousands of photos and those images will of course take pride of place within parents homes and one which generations will look back at.

But before heading out, here are a few tips that I’ve seen shared and spoken of time and time again via both friends and bridal suppliers alike.

1. Don’t feel pushed into spending more than you planned, set a rough budget and keep that figure in mind . You’ll also want to try and factor in alteration costs (depending on what you have done i’d say around £100 is a could starting price) you’ll might want to think about those little extras, for example will you need to buy an underskirt to make your princess dress that bit bigger, a vail or added details – belt, capped sleeves or bolero.

2. Be open to suggestions, Walking into a bridal shop can be a little overwhelming but the owner and their assistances are worth their weight in industry knowhow and they are there to get you the dress of your dreams, they may suggest something a little different to what you envisioned but go with it, it might be that you’ve overlooked a style because you may have thought you would suit it- I know had this happen when I looked, I thought A-lines were what would look good in and actually I better suited a more figure hugging dress.

3. Play dress up! Remember as a little girl you would don your Mothers wedding dress, pretending to be her? Pop a bit of blush and mascara on, and a little lippy, add some jewellery, even the veil/head piece. Bring as many elements as you can to really help bring it all together.

4. Undies! Wear good white/nude undies, if you’re set on a strapless number there is no point in wearing a strapped bra, you don’t want to be tucking the straps in trying to see how it would look, Nope invest in a good strapless bra with plenty of support. Also modest knickers too!



5. Heels! Again no point trying to balance on tippy toes trying to see if the length is right. A heel at the height in which you’ll find comfortable is a good way to go, it will also help with seeing where the dress falls.

6. After the joyous tears and the twirling, Dance around in any of the dresses you’ve picked out, ask one of your bridal party to act as the groom and see how close you can get, you’ll want to be close during that 1st dance so don’t let your dress get to in the way, also walk around a bit, does it glide well or are you having to really push it out with your feet.

7. Don’t rush the buy. Go for a coffee with your girls and have a good chat about it all, share your thoughts and maybe concerns talk it out. It’s a big buy so don’t go ahead if you’re unsure.

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