Trash the Cake


Trashing is big business at the moment, its not for everyone and the theme is quite devided, but if you ask me, its all a personal taste. Back in August Chris Cowley of IsleOfWight wedding Photography contacted me about his plans for another shoot. This time something a little different!

Tash the Cake!!!
Yep the idea is all in the title, a wedding cake that gets trashed, but also a bride and groom have donned there outfits to have a photoshoot with a differance!!

Please enjoy  …



Photographer: Chris Cowely
 Donna Jones Hair
Makeup: Jo Lofthouse Makeup
Cake: Jade Thorton Petticoats & Frills Cakes


Sneak peek from Jade Thorton of Petticoats and Frills Cakes

I’m so very pleased to showcase Isle Of Wight Brides first sneak peek post!!

Jade Thorton of Petticoats and Frills Cakes new and upcoming island cake decorator shares with us, her new line of cakes “Thrifty, to suit hopefully all budgets.

Here’s what Jade has to say about her “Thrifty”

I’ve tried to keep the range all under £2 a serving and all under the £250 price bracket, I got so much positive feedback from the brides at the wedding event, they were really impressed  to learn that all my cakes on display were under £250. Most of the brides said that they would love to have a  really elaborate cake covered entirely in handmade roses or something similar, but just couldn’t justify the price tag, what with higher priorities like dress, venue, photographer etc to fork out for. One bride told me she was quoted £600 for her dream cake by a cake-maker which was more than her dress, she then showed me a pic of her dream cake and it was a very elaborate design, so I can understand why she was quoted that much, but I then went over the design with her and explained ways of cutting down costs by scaling it down in size slightly, making a few simple changes to the design, i managed to reduce the cost to £200 so within her budget. Hopefully this new range will help brides to see that less decoration and clean lines can be just as striking but without an unaffordable price-tag!

Its a bit nerving revealing it all, But I hope it’s well received and the prices are competitive enough.

Jade xx

And heres just a few from Jades selection   1001322_367542883367951_1115063026_nLike what you’ve seen so far? well keep your eyes peeled as there will be more revealed tomorrow on her facebook page.

Petticoats & Frills Cakes

This stunning birdcage cake has been created by the lovely Jade Thornton of Petticoats and Frills cakes. I love the colours used for it, it reminds me a lot of the inspiration board i created last September. The Isle of Wight has some of the best sunsets, and the sky has been known to go the very colours used on this cake,

*It is a double height bottom tier covered in ruffle layers & bow, birdcage top tier & sugar flowers, the two cakes could be made in different flavors to make it really different..